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There's nothing we love more than theming our shows to the nth degree, so we did everything short of busting out the togas and throwing an orgy for the sexual morality episode of the show with our guests Laura, Jordan, and Dan. This week, we went the route of Plato and his comrades and had an all-out symposium, drinking wine and playing games while the Drink Master doled out cabernet (and OK, a few PBRs) and we debated a bunch of different sexual hypotheticals and how we should handle them. Our symposium covered everything, from the Carafe of Truth you people love to transparency and yes - Taylor Swift. This marks the beginning of season three, so hold onto your butts, everybody!

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It's the last episode of season two (boooooo!), but it's a great one, y'all! We figured it was finally time to talk about drunk sex on Drunk Sex, and that we did - from whiskey dick to staying safe, we covered as much as we could and somehow managed to make our drinks last. Bartender Natalie poured us a fine round of PBR for this one, and we talked to our awesome guest Patrick about what is awesome and awful about doing the no pants dance once you're inebriated. Not only did we discuss anal trainers (both the toy and the occupation), but we also dug into why video game controllers make great vibrators, how dopamine and oxytocin affect your sex drive, and why dicks are sometimes like Pokemon. We're a little biased, but we think this was one of our best episodes yet!

The drink:

  • PBR. It's what the cool kids order at bars.

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For the very first time on Drunk Sex, we did an episode with another podcast host! Lizzie is the creator and host of an awesome show called "Something Like Love Advice," and we figured there was no better way to talk about today's topic (open communication) than by bringing on another person who specializes in it. We began the show as we always do—pouring our drinks and digging into the Carafe of Truth—and discussing very important things, like when you casually sit on your heel to masturbate in public, plus Lizzie saying, "They can see my lady boner in my face!" and a really epic question about hair pubes. Or pube hairs. Whatever.

After that, we dug into communication strategies, how discussing the little things in a constructive way can help make sure they don't become the big things, plus one of the latest submissions to her advice column about disclosing your sexual history. Lizzie also brings up an incredible journal method for any couples (or person in a couple) who has trouble expressing what's bothering them. Last but not least, we highlight one thing you need to get rid of for good communication (ego) and one thing you desperately need more of (courage). Despite how it might sound, no one was actually drunk at the end of the episode. This one was extra funny, so hold onto your butts!

The drink:

  • Coffee
  • Kahlua
  • I probably didn't need to type this

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Season 2 of Drunk Sex is still going strong—and this time, things got a little more, shall we say... intimate. The hilarious and awesome Jackie was the bangin' guest this week, and we broke down the vast market potential for avocado lube, a strange condom/mint combo product, the perks of tickling during sex, and a bizarre but great Carafe of Truth question about masturbating on talk shows. After that, it was all about oral sex enthusiasm, orgasm anxiety, why so many women feel weird about their hoo-hahs, and when it's OK to get super aggressive. Mix in taste, smell, texture, and some Santa Claus erotica, and there you have it! The drink of the week sounds gross, but it's great—we promise.

The Shaved Beaver:

  • 1 part whiskey
  • 1 part peach schnapps
  • 2 parts Red Bull

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We are FINALLY back with season two of Drunk Sex, y'all! Richard, a hilarious member of the Drunk Sex Society Facebook group, helped us get this whole shebang (we'd call it a journey, but considering the booze, it's probably more of a stumble) started, and he brought his incredible wife Tiara with him to chat with us! Not only has the man masturbated using butter, cellophane, and a mattress, but he also has a plethora of hilarious stories and some life-changing relationship and sexuality wisdom to bring to the table. The same goes for Tiara, who realized she was a lesbian after she and Rich got married many moons ago. Years later, they are still together. Want to know how they did it?! God knows we did. From 69 preferences to Ambien sex, pizza, and a weird round of "Would You Rather?" that blissfully doesn't include a goat this time, we took a dive deep into their love story—and we're so glad we did! Here's the drink recipe (AKA, why Katie was incapacitated at 5 p.m. on a Saturday):

100 Ways to Masturbate: 

  • 3 parts Kraken Rum.
  • 1 part Cointreau. 
  • Spiced Pear Liqueur.
  • 3 drops Blood Orange bitters.
  • There is no mixer. Put your p*ssy in your pocket. 

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WE MADE IT TO THE SEASON ONE FINALE, Y'ALL. For our last episode (only for two weeks, don't worry guys), we wanted to hit on one more topic: the art of seduction. Bartender Natalie made her comeback, and we were joined by Katie's boyfriend Dan and our guest Matt. We tried to start by talking about Neil Strauss's books, but the conversation divulged to selfie stick sex tapes, Squidward's French name, and a new slew of Carafe of Truth questions that are too graphic for iTunes. We finally got into the meat of the subject, it got pretty deep: Not only did we discuss methods of seduction, but we also talked about when it inhibits connection and how you can make sure it's ethical. We should have made the drinking rule to take a sip whenever someone says the word "authentic," but we didn't. Oops.

The Flirtini:

  • 1 oz. vodka
  • 2 oz. champagne
  • 2 oz. pineapple juice

Mix together. Voila!

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We'll see you in two week, Drunkies!

Avocados are Sex Vitamins, pinot noir is the Elixir of Life, and meditative masturbation is a thing that will vastly improve your orgasms. How does all of this come together, you ask? (OK, maybe you didn't.) As it turns out, what you eat and how you approach wellness seriously impacts your body's hormones, and in turn, your libido along with how crazy awesome sex feels. Naturally, Katie set out to understand what would give her the world's best sex drive, turning to health and wellness coach Anna Shadid, owner of Gorgeous Gut, to set the record straight. Katie may or may not have referred to herself as a Sex Jedi in training, and Anna talked about all the ways orgasms are yet another Key to Eternal Health & Happiness. (Also, hormonal birth control may impact the size of your clit. *Shudder*) This stuff is crazy important for all our sexualities and well being, so check it out!

The drink: Bread and Butter Pinot Noir

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We've been waiting to take our first dive into kinks and fetishes, and the day has finally arrived! This week we got to chat with Peter, who researches sex and behavior for a living, about all the ways sexual behavior *supposedly* starts to deviate from the idea we have of normal—a word that just so happens to be this week's drinking rule. After pouring our drinks, we talked about STI testing yet again, making out with people at Jimmy John's, spanking, the Hanky Code, finding your local kink community, and why all those sexual behaviors we've marked an anomalies really aren't even a little bit rare. (Seriously.) In fact, most people have kinks of some kind—including us, and we're gonna talk allllll about them. Buckle up, because we're drinking Kinky.

The Kinky Hookup

  • 2 oz. Kinky Pink
  • 2 oz. Kinky Blue (or, you know, more pink)
  • Sprite

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It's FINALLY the episode Katie has been waiting for! We dished out some dirty talk (heh) with our awesome guest Harrison and our bartender Natalie, who is finally done gallivanting around Europe. We started with the Carafe of Truth, which y'all can now play at home when you want to embarrass your party guests, and then moved straight into the good stuff: Calling dudes "Daddy," sexting, threesomes with your friends, why Katie loves the phrase "good girl" and Natalie hates the word "sweetie," plus why authenticity will make you much better at dirty talk in your personal life. We talked about porn, of course, and why we use the word astronauting to describe how being too drunk makes dirty talk REALLY difficult (oops). For our episode drink, we went with the Bend Over Shirley, which includes just the right amount of blasphemy.

The Bend Over Shirley: 

  • Vodka
  • Sprite
  • Grenadine

(Yes, it's a Shirley Temple with vodka.)

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The consent episode of Drunk Sex kicked off with a delicious combo: bourbon and sweet tea. In honor of the "sex=tea" metaphor coined by an awesome blogger, we dove into one of the most nuanced but most important subjects about sex: Consent. Our guest Abby bravely shared a very difficult story from her past in hopes to help people understand just how important establishing consent is prior to any kind of sex, so we over some of the messier questions on the matter: What happens when you know the perpetrator well? Why do we feel so guilty when we withhold sex (or conversely, so entitled to have it)? How do our sexual experiences, both good and bad, alter the way we think about sex moving forward? This episode is just as much about pressure as it is permission, and we even made some time to talk about dick pics. (Dun dun dun.) Find yourself some bourbon, folks, and dig in!

Bourbon Sweet Tea is admittedly pretty simple:

  • A shot (or two) of bourbon
  • Sweet tea of any kind
  • Lots of ice

Links from the episode: 

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We knew the Tinder episode would be good, but we didn't know it would be THIS good, y'all! Our guests Jenny and Joe came to the studio to talk about Tinder and Grindr along with a few other dating apps. (Here's to you, Farmers Only.) After taking a dive into the Carafe of Truth, AKA the world's best drinking game, we talked about sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships, sex in public, and masturbating in front of people you shouldn't. The following conversation omitted nothing, from Tinderthons to sex during the summer, how soon we all hook up, Tinder dates that live in vans (yep), mystery sex at the Hotel Lincoln (double yep), and when casual sex finally gets good. We also went over the differences between the straight and gay community when it comes to hookup apps, when to let your match know what you're looking for, and why communication is key even online. Special shout out to our Rule Enforcer Doc, who made sure we drank—a lot. I can still taste the Fireball.

The Flamethrower

  • 1 shot Fireball
  • Sour mix

Pour both over ice and stir!

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For the seventh episode of Drunk Sex, we drank Ouzo (aka the Floor Drink) and talked about open relationships with our awesome guest Joe. After pouring our drinks the right way (more on that later), we dug even farther into masturbation and STDs during the Carafe of Truth, discussed the differences between open relationships and polyamory, and mentioned how we started to think differently about sex after a lifetime learning about the merits of monogamy. There's mention of what cheating looks like when no one's holding the reins, how dopamine factors into your sex life, the importance of open communication, and, of course, insecurity. After taking a pee break, we finished up by breaking down group sex, bed rules, and how you know you might need more than one sexual partner. One thing's for sure: If I ever doubted liquor dubbed "The Floor Drink," I don't now.

The right way to drink ouzo, according to Joe:

  • Put a few ice cubes in a rocks glass. 
  • Pour about half the glass full of ouzo. 
  • Fill the rest with water.
  • Stir with a spoon ONCE. I hear this is very important.

Links from the episode:

Over the weekend, Drunk Sex got rugged with some manly men to talk about what makes men . . . manly. Basically, we dug into masculinity and broke down what's great about it as well as the not-to-great stuff we tend to expect out of our dudes and why. With the help of my trust bartender Natalie, we talked pegging, basketball, birdwatching, the seven norms of masculinity, money, and the Pussycat Dolls along with pressure to get laid, big dicks, and breakups. Combine that with a Testosterone vs. Bullshit smackdown plus how we can make vulnerability and emotionality a little easier on penis-bearing creatures and you have one badass episode of the podcast (and one very empty bottle of Jim Beam).

The Masturbator Jack (Or J.B. Or Mark. Whatever floats your boat.)

  • Shot of whiskey
  • Squirt

Links from the episode:

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This time around on Drunk Sex, we sat down with our lovely friend Erin to talk about our favorite subject (well, besides pizza): the female orgasm. Whether you have them with the flick of your wrist or struggle to come even when you're alone, having an orgasm can be even more elusive than that $500 Taco Bell survey prize. (I can't be the only one who always enters that.) We talked about everything from clit-to-vag distance, faking it, the unicorn that is the G-spot, and the four different kinds of female orgasms. We also took a dive into squirting (see what I did there?), talked about the PS Spot, discussed the merits of bullet vibes, and got deep with orgasm insecurity—both giving and receiving—and how you can make it better for both of you. Ready to drink what tastes the equivalent of an alcoholic milkshake?

The Screaming Orgasm:

  • 1 oz. vodka
  • 1 1/2 oz. Bailey's
  • 3/4 oz. Kahlua

Put 'em in a glass over ice in that order, and you're ready to rock. Or at least get a solid buzz.

Links from the episode:

And on that note, we prep for next week's episode: The way we teach masculinity and how it's not great for men—or women.

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This week on Drunk Sex, we talked the magical, wonderful Alex all about the stuff folks hate to love and love to hate: porn. We kicked off the episode with a drink called the Porn Star, which was supposed to have Blue Curacao so we could finally figure out what the f*ck it is, but no dice—we couldn't find it anywhere and are probably going to have to sell our souls/visit a liquor store that's not just down the block to get it. After we made our (altered) drinks, we got to talking about threesomes, girl on girl, anal, and the difference between on-screen and off-screen sex. We also break down the definition of exploitive in comparison to the word expressive so that we might all go about our PornHubbing ethically (but please, let me direct you to places besides just PornHub). If last time wasn't enough, we talk about lube AGAIN, plus the merits of porn when it comes to figuring out what you're into. Uploading this episode involved grappling with the Dunkin Donuts WiFi for far longer than I care to admit, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Here's how the Porn Star should have gone:

  • 1 oz. raspberry vodka
  • 1 oz. Blue Curacao
  • Sprite

And here are the links from the episode:

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This week on Drunk Sex, we held the Everclear for a Jungle Juice episode alllll about sex in college! While sex in high school was a little taboo and a little tamer for most folks, the flood gates (AKA, Dorm Central) opened up when we all left for college, and it changed the entire game. We tackle this and way more (like jackhammers and Wayne Gretzky/Michael Scott, but more on that later) with our awesome guest Austin, who knows his sh*t when it comes to the underpinnings of undergrad sex and one-night stands. Not only do we talk about the Ladder Theory, blow jobs, and a case of the impromptu splits, but we also break down how—and why—people feel the way they do when they're given their first free pass to do whatever they want sexually! It was a fun episode, y'all, and no one even passed out from our Poor Man's Jungle Juice . . . which goes a little something like this:

Jungle Juice:

- Fifth of pineapple vodka
- Fifth of Malibu
- A gallon of fruit punch

As always, here are the links from the episode:

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After an incredible Drunk Sex launch (and a whole bottle of SoCo), we bring you: The Popped Cherry. On this episode, it's all about giving up your V card, beginning with a few beyond personal questions from the Carafe of Truth (oops), a primer on the perks of lube, if "popping your cherry" is really a thing, and one very, very red drink. We also dig into our own Sex Club initiation stories along with the impact of religion on sexuality, the awesomeness that is masturbation(plus how it relates to Hall and Oates), why toys are the, and one truly hilarious listener haiku called "Raw Dog Enthusiast." And before you ask, no—I still don't understand what Blue Curacao is. 

Links from the episode:

Drink of the Week: The Popped Cherry

  • 2 oz. vodka.
  • 2 oz. cherry liqueur.
  • 4 oz. OJ.
  • 4 oz. cranberry.
  • Except, you know, maybe double it.

Next week's topic? We're talking college sex—insert Sammy Adams remix here. The New Frontier of Sex Away from Home was a doozy, from awkward dorm beds to the walk of shame to pissing off your roommates, and we're bringing on an awesome guest to break it all down (and drink something awesome). Want to tell us about your first college one-night stand or crazy sex experience? Care to tell us how your views of sexuality changed when you left your hometown? Want to write a haiku about threesomes and strip clubs? Send them to We're pumped! 

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A big thanks to Joe Heath for our awesome intro, and to Mean Girls for providing a lifetime's worth of quotable moments.

It's the very first episode of Drunk Sex, and we got pretty weird pretty fast with our guest Danielle! We busted out the whiskey, talked sex with some strangers (who turned out to be cousins) at a bar, and I learned how to say the word carafe, which is just a fancy vase for alcohol. After playing Truth or Shot (it's a thing), we got down to the basics—AKA, orgasm faces, masturbating in grade school, period sex, traumatizing experiences on the Tea Cup Ride at Disney World, and blue balls (spoiler alert: women get them too). Then there's the bit about the orgy dome at Burning Man, how women aren't always trading sex for relationships, glass dildos, and having some sexual initiative. Does anyone know what Blue Curacao actually is?!

Drink of the Week: The Comfortable Screw

Southern Comfort.
Orange Juice.
Really, that's it.

Next week, we're talking about the very poorly named experience of Losing Your V Card. Got a funny story about that? Have any questions you want us to answer? Send us an email at Bonus points if you include a poem. 

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