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Who is this chick?

Hey there! My name is Katie Roach, and I’m a sex writer/editor by day, a podcast host by night, and a sexpert in training. You might be asking yourself, does this strange girl do anything but think about sex and analyze the pros of kegel eggs? And the short answer is no. No, I don’t. Except drink tequila, of course.

In all seriousness, I’m a big-haired bookworm/booze connoisseur with a passion for human connection, which is what inspired me to create Drunk Sex. I love the ocean, avocados, and above all, exploring my way through life. If I can help you tune into your mind, your body, and the people around you in any way, then I’ve done at least one thing right in this life.

Oh, and yes—my Google search history is just as traumatizing as you think it is. 

Where am I? 

Hello, and welcome to the corner of the internet you just stumbled upon! We're a sex podcast, for starters—but we're about more than that. Drunk Sex is a show about human connection with no inhibition, a place where we normalize the one topic that has no normal at all. We all have our own quirks and kinks, our own sexuality and gender, our own personalities and pasts that greatly impact the people we are between the sheets and outside of them. On this podcast, we aim to destigmatize an act steeped in shame and celebrate one of the greatest joys of living on this giant, spinning rock hurtling through space: Uninhibited, intentionally stellar sex. 

Drunk Sex aims to cover as much ground as possible, from the female orgasm to edgeplay, the art of seduction, sex drugs, the Kinsey scale, bodily fluids, blow jobs, and beyond. 

Our motto here is pretty simple: Be as you are.  

All of the photography done for Drunk Sex is courtesy of the amazing, talented Samantha Thiessen. If you'd like some photos done for your own event or project, hit her up! 

Speaking of amazing and talented, Danielle Yuede is the graphic designer behind the Drunk Sex logo. She does freelance work on the side as well!